FENG SHUI IMAGES: Artist Robyn Lee Anderson-Morshead

Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is the ancient Chinese study of the law and order of the natural environment. It teaches how location and the flow of energy in your surroundings affect your health, emotions, finances, relationships and success. Place these paintings in your home or work area to create harmony and enhance positive energy to help make you more productive, happy and calm. Feng Shui is all about intention. Decide what it is you want to create in your life with the image. The image will help to focus your thoughts and bring that into being.

The Black Turtle symbolizes the first tennet of Feng Shui, which is to have a mountain or something firm or solid which simulates a hill behind your house. You will have support all your life. Place it on the wall behind your desk or on a wall opposite the front of the house to bring you support.

The Phoenix The second half of classical Feng Shui says have water, preferably a slow, meandering, clean, clear, river in front of your home. The lower phoenix hillocks are at the foot of the water or lake. The Phoenix also symbolizes the rising sun, renewal and rebirth.

The Green Dragon On the left as you face out from your home, the gentle undulating hills of the green dragon bring abundance and prosperity.

The White Tiger hills on the right protect you and your home.

The Three Legged Frog Display the three legged frog for luck. Place it in the vicinity of the front door facing as though it were coming into the house to bring in good energy.

Mandarin Ducks Place a pair of mandarin ducks in your bedroom to enhance romance and luck. Ducks symbolize fidelity and happiness.

Butterflies and Monkeys If you want someone to share your life with, surround your personal space with objects and ornaments in pairs such as ducks, butterflies, birds and of course monkeys.

Running Horse This will bring good ch’i or energy into your home. It will also enhance your love life if placed in a pair

Iguana Place this iguana to enhance your creativity, vitality, enthusiasm and motivation.

Peonies A pair of peonies will help to make your love life happy and fulfilling. If you do not have a partner yet these peonies will help to attract one.

Gold Fish- Eight Red and One Black Place these in a prominent area preferably an entrance to bring you good fortune

Dolphins These magical mammals transform your life by bringing in those changes you wished for and were hesitant to create. The bring inspiration, creativity and a higher plane of existence.


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