Ok if you are into Feng Shui paintings and you can’t find quite the right image visit my art store. These paintings were inspired by a lady in South Africa asking me to create a phoenix for her. She told me that she couldn’t find any feng shui art that she actually liked.

And that was the start of my feng shui painting career. I started reading up about it and discovered that the Phoenix was a mythical bird. It had the plumes of a peacock, the talons of a dragon and the beak of a mandarin duck.

It has many magical qualities. Place the Phoenix on the front wall of your home or work space.

Contact me if you need to know more. Also get your Phoenix today in the Art Store!

Hi my name is Robyn Morshead. I am going to talk about the art of Feng Shui and Feng Shui art. Can art affect how you do in life?

What colors should you have around you? What images or art should you remove immediately?

What is bedroom feng shui and how can it affect your love life?

Also if you have any questions about Feng Shui try me. I might know a thing or two. People have become pregnant when they couldn’t. Others became successful in their careers. Some lost a boyfriend that they needed to lose and yet others found love.

And now for my most famous image. The Gold Fish- Eight Red One Black.

Gold Fish Eight Red One Black

These gold fish represent wealth and prosperity. There are eight red and one black. This is the magic number. In a live fish tank you would need to keep it just like this. If a  fish dies in Feng Shui it means that the fish has absorbed bad energy. Simply replace the fish and carry on with your life. Place these fish at the entrance to your home, room or office to invite good energy.